Creating the artwork for the 20th Hearthstone Fanart Brawl was an absolute joy. As a huge fan of the game, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the fan community and show my appreciation for all of the hours of entertainment that the game has provided me.
One of the things that I enjoyed most about creating the artwork was the chance to stretch my creative muscles and come up with a unique and eye-catching design. I spent hours brainstorming ideas and sketching out rough concepts until I finally landed on a concept that I was excited to bring to life.
The process of bringing the artwork to life was also a lot of fun. I love the feeling of bringing an idea from my mind onto the canvas and watching it take shape before my eyes. Every brushstroke and line felt like a small victory, and seeing the final piece come together was an incredibly satisfying feeling.
Overall, participating in the 20th Hearthstone Fanart Brawl was an incredibly rewarding experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my work and share it with others.

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